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Getting Your Business Ready For Life After Lockdown

We were so pleased to hear about the lifting of the quarantine rules to allow retail businesses to reopen from the 15th June.  After a long few months at home, we’re all ready for more social interaction, and I know many are ready for some retail therapy too! We’re also very keen to support local businesses that have suffered during the pandemic.  Read More

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Why Physical Deterrents are Still the Best Way to Protect Your Business Property

Protecting your business is a multi-layered project with everything from computer virus protection to CCTV. But sometimes, a physical barrier is the best deterrent to the most common types of danger such as theft or vandalism. That’s where Security Masters can help. How to Stop People Accessing Your Business Property Protecting a commercial property starts with protecting the points of access around the building. Depending Read More

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Set Up A Calling Tree to Help Your Community During the Crisis

At Security Masters, we’re big supporters of Neighbourhood Watch, because we’ve seen the impact communities can have when they work together. Recently, we reported on the Neighbourhood Watch guidelines for staying safe during the Corona Virus pandemic. You can read the full post here. As the lockdown goes on, Neighbourhood Watch has launched a new campaign, this time aimed at helping people in our Read More

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Neighbourhood Watch Issues Guidelines For Staying Safe During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is an anxious time, particularly for vulnerable members of our community. We are dedicated to keeping people safe, which is why we are committed to sharing only the best quality security information. Neighbourhood Watch has issued guidelines about measures you can take to stay safe during the pandemic–and as we know this is information you can trust, Read More

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20 Ways to Secure Your Home on A Budget

Many people put off auditing their home security because they think they can’t afford to make an investment. We’ve pulled together 20 ideas that don’t involve a big budget but could make a big difference in keeping your property and family safe. Read on to find out more. Secure doors and windows Door locks – Ensure all your Read More

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Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

At Security Masters, our top priority is protecting your business before you become a victim of crime. One of the most effective ways to do this is to manage who can have access to your premises. That’s why we often recommend businesses install Access Control Systems –the modern, cost-effective equivalent of a 24-hour security guard! Read on to find Read More

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How Secure are Your Business Premises?

No business owner wants to spend time or money dealing with the aftermath of theft or vandalism. The good news is modern camera security systems, often referred to as CCTV, make securing your business easier and cheaper than ever before.  Our customers tell us that they often find the range of systems available and the jargon used Read More