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How To Keep Your Employees Safe Post-COVID

Lockdown might be behind us, but COVID-19 is casting a long shadow.   More and more businesses are returning to something approaching normal, but steps are needed to protect customers and employees both from the virus and other security issues.   For staff returning to familiar surroundings in unfamiliar times, feeling safe is a crucial part of the process.  But how can you Read More


Summer Home Security Tips

There’s something about summer that makes us feel more relaxed. While that’s a great thing, especially after the year we’ve just had, it can also leave your home more vulnerable to criminals. As we start to enjoy the easing of lockdown restrictions, it’s important to use solid home security measures to protect your home while you’re out Read More

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Why Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

Do you know your neighbours?  A study by the Independent carried out before the pandemic showed nearly three-quarters of Britons didn’t know the names of the people next door. Although you might wave on your way to work or say hello while collecting the bins, most of you didn’t know your neighbours.    During the COVID-19 lockdown, despite social distancing, many people felt closer to their communities. When you’re spending Read More

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Getting Your Business Ready For Life After Lockdown

We were so pleased to hear about the lifting of the quarantine rules to allow retail businesses to reopen from the 15th June.  After a long few months at home, we’re all ready for more social interaction, and I know many are ready for some retail therapy too! We’re also very keen to support local businesses that have suffered during the pandemic.  Read More

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Why Physical Deterrents are Still the Best Way to Protect Your Business Property

Protecting your business is a multi-layered project with everything from computer virus protection to CCTV. But sometimes, a physical barrier is the best deterrent to the most common types of danger such as theft or vandalism. That’s where Security Masters can help. How to Stop People Accessing Your Business Property Protecting a commercial property starts with protecting the points of access around the building. Depending Read More