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Why Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

Do you know your neighbours?  A study by the Independent carried out before the pandemic showed nearly three-quarters of Britons didn’t know the names of the people next door. Although you might wave on your way to work or say hello while collecting the bins, most of you didn’t know your neighbours.    During the COVID-19 lockdown, despite social distancing, many people felt closer to their communities. When you’re spending Read More

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Set Up A Calling Tree to Help Your Community During the Crisis

At Security Masters, we’re big supporters of Neighbourhood Watch, because we’ve seen the impact communities can have when they work together. Recently, we reported on the Neighbourhood Watch guidelines for staying safe during the Corona Virus pandemic. You can read the full post here. As the lockdown goes on, Neighbourhood Watch has launched a new campaign, this time aimed at helping people in our Read More

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Neighbourhood Watch Issues Guidelines For Staying Safe During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is an anxious time, particularly for vulnerable members of our community. We are dedicated to keeping people safe, which is why we are committed to sharing only the best quality security information. Neighbourhood Watch has issued guidelines about measures you can take to stay safe during the pandemic–and as we know this is information you can trust, Read More

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Do you live in Eltham Green?

In response to recent events in the area and my own van being broken into, we have set up a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. We will be coordinating this scheme and sponsoring local public meetings on crime in the area. You can join us by registering on the Neighbourhood Watch Website. Neighbourhood Watch initiatives in other areas have shown that when communities join together Read More