Man gives a woman the keys to a new home

Moving House? Change Your Locks!

Research shows that at least 58% of all new homeowners don’t change their locks. This means that over half of all people who’ve moved don’t know who has access to their new home. How Many Keys to Your House Are in Circulation? It’s not only the previous owners who may still have keys. If you Read More

Home Security Tips

How to Secure Your Home Against Intruders

A break-in at your home can be an upsetting, disturbing and frightening experience. Often, it’s not only the stolen belongings that are upsetting. A break-in can result in the loss of sentimental and irreplaceable items and also destroy your feeling of safety in your home. It’s therefore important to keep yourself safe, and to keep Read More

tips to protect your home from burglars

Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglars

You probably know someone who’s suffered at the hands of bothersome burglars, and hopefully it wasn’t you. Burglaries can be distressing and devastating, with consequences that can reach way beyond the loss of material possessions. Though many things can be replaced, the feeling that a burglar has been in your home can be hard to Read More